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Author's materials in the form of audio lectures

If you have questions about pediatrics, allergology, pulmonology,

you cannot find the post in my feed, and you are not planning an online consultation yet - you will find the information you need in my audio lectures.


You can listen to them at any time, even while feeding, cooking, chores around the house or walking with a child on the street :)

On this page you can purchase access to my audio lectures cabinet. The archive is constantly updated and you will have access to it forever.

Lecture topics currently available in the audio room:

  • Allergy: myths and reality

  • Analyzes when not needed, and when - needed. What and under what conditions

  • Vaccination - Everything you need to know!

  • allergic rhinitis

  • Nebulizer therapy

  • Respiratory failure

  • Rhinitis, rhinitis, rhinitis...

  • Blood Test And Antibiotic Prescription

  • The introduction of complementary foods

  • allergies and pregnancy

  • Emergency conditions how to distinguish what to do, first aid

  • allergic rhinitis

  • Allergy Vs Food Intolerance

For consultations, organization of my

lectures and meetings

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