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My face-to-face consultations
  • 17-річний досвід практичної роботи лікарем

  • відкриття "з нуля" двох медичних центрів, які стали кращими в своїх регіонах

  • більше 100 задоволених онлайн-пацієнтів щомісяця

  • більше 1000 пацієнтів на очних прийомах, які вирішили свою проблему

  • близько 1000 учасників моїх щомісячних онлайн-шкіл Dr.Maya

  • більше 1000 слухачів моїх вебінарів

Let's get acquainted!
I am Maya Ruselevich, pediatrician, pediatric allergist and pulmonologist, candidate of medical sciences,I follow the principles of evidence-based medicine.
I opened a special medical center "B_Health", where they call me Dr. Maya. I am also the mother of a beautiful girl whom I love very much. And, as a mother, I understand how important it is to find your doctor, trust him and be able to always be in touch with him.For the parents of my little patients, I try to be the kind of doctor I could trust with my child.
I can tell you with confidence thatALLERGY is not a sentence and life without allergies is possible.But if you are still in the process of treatment, I will help you organize your life rhythm in such a way that allergies or asthma cause a minimum of inconvenience. It's possible!
Well, besides this, I am constantly learning, attending international conferences, I am an active member of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Allergists of Ukraine" and 
acting member of UAPS. 

My Opportunities

As an allergist doctor 


  • I help to deal with an allergic problem of any complexity: I take it in person or give online recommendations

  • Allergies can be cured, and bronchial asthma can be brought into remission. Together we can do it! 

  • I recommend the necessary tests or decipher your results

  • How to take care of your skin with atopic dermatitis

As a pediatrician, pulmonologist


  • I provide face-to-face, online health advice for your children ages 0-18

  • I diagnose and prescribe treatment diseases

  • I give advice to mothers on nutrition during pregnancy and while breastfeeding

  • I create an individual vaccination schedule

  • In case of pneumonia, I do my best to treat the problem at home

  • I give recommendations regarding inhalations and their necessity in your situation

As an author of ASTHMA SCHOOL, articles, scientific papers and as a lecturer

  • I am ready to participate in conferences

  • Lectures for parents on
    ASTHMA-SCHOOL and allergology topics

  • To media interview, appearances on TV and radio broadcasts

  • To participate in television projects as an expert


I accept at my medical center”B_Health” (Irpen, Gostomel highway, 2g). You can make an appointment with me by phone: 067 642-03-03, 066 642 03 03 

Here am I:

  •  I prescribe treatment according to the principles of evidence-based medicine

  •   doing skin prick tests,

  • patch tests,

  • ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy),

  • diagnosis of bronchial asthma,

  • spirography,

  • peak flowmetry

Мої консультації
My online recommendations
In private messagesinstagram profile @dr__mayaor by clicking on the "Contact me" button, you can contact me for a solution to your problem.
To do this, you need to briefly describe your question, write the desired time to contact you and the format that is convenient for you (direct instagram or viber-call). After agreeing on the time / method of communication and confirmation of payment, we can begin communication. The consultation lasts 20-30 minutes on average.
My Child magazine chose me expert on allergology topics. On the pages of magazines and on the web portal, I cover current topics and give answers to many questions of parents who have experienced allergies in children.
Also I collaborate with the publicationThe Village.
And I take part inbroadcasts of the radio station KyivFmabout health and allergies.
My publications
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