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I welcome you to the DR.MAYA SCHOOL OF CHILD HEALTH Child health 💙💛

It's a pity, most of the fathers have zipped into the new reality, they have daily access to the family doctor, or it's necessary to help the doctor with a cordon. Supervisory situations affect our focus and versatility. It’s impossible for mothers to live on all nutrition, but it’s good to know that you can know about the physical and moral state of your children.

Для тих, з ким ми ще не знайомі - я  @dr__maya  Майя Руселевич, кандидат медичних наук, практикуючий педіатр, дитячий алерголог і пульмонолог з досвідом роботи більше 15 років . I know for sure what kind of nutrition is blamed on you, with what kind of problems you can take care of the skin care stages of growing up your children.

In my school, I chose the best practicing doctors, faculty in pediatrics (various specialties), psychotherapy and dietology.

Together with the experts, we will discuss the impersonal nutrition related to the physical and mental health of your children. Let's talk  about the correct balance of eating. 
We learn not only about you, how to solve the problem with which you have stumbled, but how to get ahead and save most of them.

Graduate schools of Dytychi Healthy-_cc781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B3BAD5CF58D_vi you will become a pediatric for your Ditini, take care of the right time in the crisons of the situations, Jack Zapbiygti Tu Dupomogti at the Pravyni RISTICSITIONS. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Vartist 500 UAH 

Trivality 1 month

Start 1 worm 

The health of our children is the guarantee of a strong country 🇺🇦

Write in the comments "I WANT" and we will send you the details in a special note 💌

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