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Menu for the week: breakfasts, lunches, afternoon snacks, dinners + desserts

with allergies, atopic dermatitis

  • without eggs

  • gluten free

  • without milk

  • without peanuts


Online pediatrician, Maya Ruselevich, online consultations, online allergist

  • ​30 cards with recipes for four meals a day for the whole family.

  • The dishes take from 5 to 60 minutes to prepare, they are simple, but appetizing and nutritious. Suitable for children from 2 years old and for adults. 

  • All recipes are made taking into account the diet for those who suffer from allergies or atopic dermatitis.


Easy, fast, healthy, delicious!

With love and care for every patient


The cost of the electronic version (pdf) - 300 UAH.

The cost of the printed version in a beautiful gift box is 550 UAH.

Cheerful joint cooking and bon appetit!


For the organization of my consultations, lectures and meetings

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